Raising awareness of international solidarity
For rising children in France

Aims of raising awareness

The project aims to open French young people’s minds to various cultures, to raise their awareness to the situation and rights of children in the world and to impart to them the meaning of solidarity. This awareness allows them to get social and civic skills, to learn how to listen and to understand, and so gives them the opportunity to enrich their minds through differences rather than rejecting them and to prepare them for tomorrow’s world.

Awareness, whom for ?

• For all children
• For children attending schools belonging to the “Réseau Ambition Réussite” network

Awareness actions

• School visits in primary schools : placing the children in an Indian environment ; talks on Indian culture and situation of children in the world, children’s rights, international solidarity; photo exhibitions ; testimonies from volunteers back from their mission ; film screening about children’s clubs, Indian traditional art events, play and pedagogical activities
• Workshops for game creation : in partnership with, or designed for a school-class or a children’s club in India, creation of board games or card games referring to cross-culturalism, children’s rights, sustainable development, international solidarity,…
• Artistic and exchange workshops : theatre, kite-making, photo training and exchange of photos, drawings, films with a school-class or a children’s club in India.

Eye for an eye project, a cultural exchange through picture between children in France and in India

On the initiative of 2 young volunteers, and in partnership with Dorla production company, the Eye for an eye project is an exchange between Indian and French children through the training of photography. During workshops organized in parallel in India (rural areas of Tamil Nadu) and in France (Seine St Denis), 2 groups of children, one from each country, learnt basic knowledge about framing, light and shooting. By taking pictures of their living environment, aimed at children of a different culture, these 8 to 12 years old young people have rediscovered their home surroundings with a new sensibility. Each group kept a camera and continues to take pictures of everyday’s life with a local leader. Children select 4 pictures every month, add their comments and send them by post to the other group. Both countries keep on exchanging and children do learn some more every month.

The Friendship Game

Children of a CM2 level have become actors of international solidarity while creating a board game in partnership with an Indian school-class. From the very idea of the game to its realization with an association leader, the game trainee designers have been led to focus on the constraints of manufacturing and related issues. Through the Friendship Game children invite to discover the similarities and differences between the lives of French and Indian pupils. This entertaining and empirical game helps to open up to the other country’s culture so as to become more familiar with it.