Psychosocial approach
Children in Difficulty and Psychosocial Development

By combining psychological, cognitive and social dimensions, Chemins D’Enfances adopts a psychosocial approach through play for a better development of the child.

Chemins d’Enfances integrates and strengthens the psychological, cognitive and social dimensions of programs for children in difficulty.

Areas of action :

  • Establishment of play areas based on a tested methodology
  • Training programs on play activities and their benefits, child psychology, mental health, the role of adults and group leaders, social and community work
  • Development of tools and indicators to measure the impact of these actions

Results :

  • Better development of the child and of his or her ability to learn
  • Enhanced ability to detect children who are abused, excluded, or suffer from physical, mental, or social distress
  • Involvement of families and communities
  • Acquisition of skills which allow trained people to become trainers themselves

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