Schools are quite proactive to support Chemins d’Enfances !

Schools organized many events shortly before the end of the schoolyear !

  • On 7th June, in Rilleux la Pape, near the city of Lyon, 175 seventh grade students (fifth grade in France) put on their sports shoes to take part in a sponsored run promoting Chemins d’Enfances programmes in Southern India. They spent an enjoyable bright and sunny day in a joyous atmosphere and did their best to surpass themselves for this action !
  • The “Ecole des Renards” School, situated in Fontenay aux Roses, has been a regular partner of Chemins d’Enfances for several years ; they organized a Solidarity Day on 24th May, gathering 150 students and introducing them to Indian world ! the programme included : calligraphy, Indian dance, tales, Indian games and a second-hand toys sale ! The funds raised for this event were transferred to Thamaraï children’s clubs in India !
  • And the St Pierre primary schoolpupils in Lille participated in a shared meal action to support Satya Special School programmes which work with mentally challenged children in Southern India. Those who felt concerned by this action had just a bowl of rice and fruit for lunch which allowed to transfer the money saved for the meal to Satya Special School !

A big thank-you to all students, their parents and teaching staff for these wonderful moments of collective action !