Support to Chamka Samrong Center
Around Battambang, Northern part of Cambodia

Chamka Samrong Center welcomes about 200 vulnerable children in the area of Battambang. In the center children benefit from a school support as well as play, art and pedagogical activities with a view to foster their development and to facilitate their inclusion.


PKO (Puthi Komar Organisation) works in the district of Battambang to provide educational, psychological and social support to vulnerable children in 4 centers, Chamka Samrong being one of them.

CDE’s involvement

Chemins d’Enfances collected donations on the occasion of a special Christmas donation request, which enabled Chamka Samrong Center to renew their games and toys within the free play area fitted out for children. Trucks, lego , puzzles, etc., found their place for the greatest children’s fun !