"Let’s innovate for children !"
2012 event

Springboards « Let’s innovate for children” means

Promoting innovative initiatives helping young people to develop lifeskills (psychosocial and interpersonal skills considered as important for enhancing living together) and inspiring them to become changemakers for a better connected world.

The competition is organised in partnership with Ashoka, the biggest social entrepreneurs network in the world, who rallies and takes action to ensure that social entrepreneurs and their innovations continue to inspire and to create change on a large scale and to contribute to find solutions to social problems.

The framework

Young generation need to acquire new skills to meet the needs of an everchanging world. Education should no longer consist of accumulating knowledge, it should also allow the learning of transferable and social skills.

This is the reason why we launched a European initiative with Ashoka, aiming at promoting empathy, a quality which cannot be dissociated from interpersonal skills, adaptability, self-management and leadership.

Chemins d’Enfances involvement : Mobilizing people to act over the long term

A 3-level dynamic:

  • Allocating three grants, two of them amounting to 1500$ and one of them amounting to 2000$, to reward European innovative projects aiming at promoting lifeskills, mainly towards children and youth in need or at-risk. Three prizes will be awarded each year to the 3 winners of the Springboards “Let’s innovate for children !"
  • Bringing all actors together around an essential social issue and of common interest
  • Giving an opportunity to European experts – and to many professionals supporting children and working in favour of youth social and professional inclusion - to meet and to exchange about empathy, child’s psychology, fight against violence, neurosciences, on the occasion of the Prize Award event in September/October.

Become actor of the Springboards Program while supporting our action !

Becoming a partner means an exchange of competencies, actions and commitments between your organization and Chemins d’Enfances.

Your involvement in the project will enable you to :

  • Get involved in fundamental issues : education and social and professional integration,
  • Promote your values and your solidarity approach,
  • Discover innovative projects, leaders of new ideas,
  • Mobilize your colleagues about important issues : respect for alterity, interculturality, the ability for teamworking, empathy…

Our involvement towards your Organization means :

  • Increasing your organization’s visibility through the whole communication process,
  • Giving you an opportunity to take part in the panel of judges who will select the winners,
  • Including you in the organizational process of the Prize Award event,
  • If you wish to become a partner, working together on the best way to mobilize your colleagues in support of a project.