Father Ceyrac

"I consider each everyday’s event as as many opportunities to love more and I hold in my heart those thousands, those millions of people I have been lucky to meet during my life". Father Ceyrac

We have to inform you with sorrow of the death of Father Ceyrac which happened during the night of the 29th to the 30th May. Father Ceyrac, who left his native Corrèze French department for India when he was 23 years old, devoted himself to the others and never stopped giving to the most underprivileged people for more than 70 years with a tremendous vigour and a contagious cheerfulness.

Having a degree in tamil and sanskrit, he had a deep understanding of India which he loved so much. He is one of the great figures of our century who has just left us.

"I had the great pleasure to meet him in June 2000 and to keep seeing him regularly since then. He definitely had a strong influence in my life as well as for many people who met him. Without him, without all what he taught me about India, about the dignity of the poor, about children’s smiles, Chemins d’Enfances would not exist today, or let us say not that way. But what most impressed me was his way of living, his ability to help improving everyone’s potential and to love unconditionally. This is why I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to him.

Let us unite in our thoughts to this remarkable man, who kept on celebrating Love and who liked to repeat : "Everything which is not given is lost !"

Martine Roussel-Adam