A recreational afternoon at Les Renards school

Chemins d’Enfances organized an afternoon with games on 22nd May for all the schoolchildren of Les Renards primary school, situated in Fontenay aux Roses in Hauts de Seine district.

Les Renards primary school has been partner with Chemins d’Enfances for over 2 years : with the schoolchildren we carry out there development educational actions concerning active and solidarity-based citizenship as well as interculturality.

This afternoon with games allows Chemins d’Enfances to share its experiences while offering the children to experiment the play area as it is designed in India in order to promote the well-being of children in need.

Childen participated in this event while achieving coloured and full of child creativity pictures and posters related to this happening. In this warmful context Chemins d’Enfances team organized the play area according to different play corners.

Children quickly took over the play corners, either in small groups, in groups of two or on their own, getting around freely from one place to the other. During this recreational afternoon farms, roads were made out from lego and kapla castles were built !

In another play corner children were experimenting their cognitive and functional skills while acting as a drummer, xylophone or castanets player.

Others were discovering some elements of the Indian culture while training on 2 very popular games in India : the Carom (or Indian snooker) and Snakes&Ladders, a game about Indian mythology. Western games (1000 Bornes, Uno, Puissance 4) and throughout the world games (Awelé, Dahdi) offered the children quite a variety of fun activities.

Imagination and friendliness were present for everyone whatever his(her) age ! This event constituted an intergenerational gathering when children, brothers and sisters, teachers and sometimes grandparents could play together.

In addition some children carefully got involved, and with actual creativity, in the making of kites under the supervision of some Chemins d’Enfances members. As soon as they finished their work, they quickly ran to the yard to let them fly.

We wish to thank particularly the director of Les Renards school, Xavier Malleville, who played an essential part in the process and implementation of this event. We also have a special thought for teachers and schoolparents who got strongly involved in the preparation and selling of cakes as well as in the organization of play activities. We don’t forget either our volunteers who kindly supported us and ensured that everything went on well.

Thanks to all these contributions, Chemins d’Enfances could collect directly around 600 euros for children in need in India and could increase the public awareness of more than 100 children, families and French teachers on these issues and on international solidarity