Eye for an Eye exhibition in Sceaux UIT

Every year the Sceaux University Institute of Technology organizes 2 international days with conferences and exhibitions highlighting one country or one region in the world. For 2012, India was selected. Chemins d’Enfances was therefore approached by 2 UIT students in charge of the organization of cultural events. The Eye for an Eye exhibition suited perfectly such an event and was chosen by the organizers.

So, on 8th and 9th February, the exhibition was hooked in the UIT premises and welcomed about 200 visitors, teachers, students, lecturers, who showed their interest for the project through their questions and interactions with the association members or the organizing students. The public also added some very positive comments on the golden book.

The Eye for an Eye exhibition in UIT made it possible to show the creativity and action led by children to a new public, students and teachers. It is interesting and rewarding to note that the 2011 Eye for an Eye project continues to be exhibited in different places and in front of a large public and that it raises interest and enthusiasm.