Our Approach

Chemins d’Enfances supports humanitarian programs aimed at helping children in difficulty in partnership with local structures, in two different ways:

1 The implementation and development of play and educational programs

Together with our local partners working in the field, each program is tailored to the needs of the targeted children’s group (age, social or health background, local conditions) and involves families and communities. We systematically assess the impact of our programs on beneficiaries.

Click here for more information about our play and educational programs in Southern India and in Cambodia

For more information about our development education actions in France

2 Partners’ capacity building

  • In the psychosocial field with experts in child development, through ad-hoc skills sharing and training of trainers
  • In the organizational field by supporting the partner in the development of an empowering financial strategy and action plans.

3 Exchange of innovative approaches

  • Networking of those involved in education to share good practices
  • Organizing the event: Springboards : let’s innovate for children !

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